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Fault diagnosis and repair of CNC machining tool holder 5 core problems

January 28, 2021

The CNC tool post is the most common auxiliary device of the CNC lathe. It enables the CNC lathe to complete various or even all processing procedures in one clamping of the workpiece, so as to shorten the auxiliary time of processing and reduce the number of installation of the workpiece during the processing The errors caused thereby improve the machining efficiency and machining accuracy of the machine tool. Repair bar engineers have many years of maintenance experience to share with you the fault diagnosis and maintenance of the tool holder.


1.The tool rest will not start


2.Mechanical reasons

The preload of the tool post is too large. When the end of the worm is inserted with a wrench to rotate, it is not easy to rotate, but it can be rotated when it is pressed, but the tool holder still cannot start after the next clamping. When this phenomenon occurs, it can be determined that the reason why the tool post cannot be started is that the pre-tightening force is too large, which can be eliminated by adjusting the clamping current of the small tool post motor.


The internal mechanism of the rack is stuck. When the worm is rotated from the end of the worm, it cannot rotate in the clockwise direction. The reason is that the machine is stuck. First of all, check whether the clamping device is in the groove of the ratchet against the positioning pin. If it is, you need to rotate the ratchet and the screw connection pin hole by an angle to re-punch and connect; second, check if the spindle nut is locked, such as The nut is locked and should be re-adjusted; again, due to poor lubrication, the rotating parts should be ground to death. At this time, it should be disassembled to observe the actual situation and be lubricated.


The power is not connected and the motor does not rotate. Check whether the fuse is intact, whether the power switch is well connected, whether the switch position is correct, and whether the voltage value is within the specified range when measuring the voltage with a multimeter. It can be eliminated through corresponding measures such as replacing the fuse, adjusting the switch position, and making the connected part contact well. In addition to this, the reasons for the power failure can also be considered as the cable break between the tool post and the controller, the internal disconnection of the tool post, the change of the position of the brush-type Hall element and the failure of normal on and off.


The moving tool is normal, and the machine control does not change the tool. The lead wire of the grate machine and the tool holder controller, the computer I/O interface and the tool holder in place response signal should be checked.In the ladder diagram, the forward output signal Y0.0 and the reverse output signal Y0.1 are output at a low level when a signal is input, which causes the corresponding relay to have no output.


The Hall element of this tool position is damaged. Confirm which tool position is causing the tool post to rotate continuously, input a command on the system to rotate the tool position, and use a multimeter to measure whether there is a voltage change between the signal contact of the tool position and the 24V contact. If there is no change, it can be judged that the Hall element of the tool position is damaged, just replace the sending plate or the Hall element.


The tool position signal line is broken, causing the system to fail to detect the tool position signal. Check whether the connection between the tool position signal and the system is open, and connect it correctly.


There is a problem with the system's tool position signal receiving circuit. Replace the main board when it is confirmed that the Hall element of the tool position is Okay and the connection between the tool position signal and the system is Okay.